Nutrafresh™ drying technology uses the power of nature

Refractance Window Drying

Taking only the finest fruits and vegetables and absolutely nothing else, we use the unique 'Refractance Window' drying process to produce 100% pure fruit and vegetable powders. Our process literally uses light energy (infrared heat) to dry the fruit & vegetables and with ultra low drying temperatures our powders retain the vital nutrients needed for real food Nutrition.

Made Locally

Nutrafresh™ Fruit powders are made locally in Australasia in accordance with ANZFA food standards. We source our fruit and vegetables locally where possible and we select 'unprocessed' fresh fruits and vegetables for the best flavour and nutrition

Retained Nutrition

Scientific studies and independent analysis of Nutrafresh™ powders has consistently demonstrated high levels of Nutrient retention equivalent to or better than freeze dried fruits and vegetables

Lovingly dried & 100% Pure

Only Nutrafresh™ offers lovingly dried 100% whole food nutrition
  • So don't settle for second best....
    • Many nutritional powders are only 50% fruit with 50% maltodextrin (thats 50% sugar!!)
    • Many Nutritional fruit powders are spray dried or drum dried powders with drying temperature between 150 - 200 Degrees Celsius so there is little, if any nutrition value left after processing.

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