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Nutrafresh dried fruit powders and smoothies are a match made in heaven. With Nutrafresh fruit powders your favourite fruits and vegetables are available all year round and with our easy to use sachets your favourite smoothie is available anytime any place anywhere. And to make your life easier, we've removed the seeds enabling you to say good bye to that embaressing smoothie smile.


Nutrafresh Nutrition. Nutrafresh dried fruit powders provide simple nutrition the way nature intended. Nutrafresh dried fruit powders are made from 100% fruit puree and vegetable juice. Nutrafresh dried fruit powders contain no added preservative, no added colour and no added flavours. Nutrafresh dried fruit powders are also free from allergens

Nutrafresh dried fruit powders are proven in scientific stidies to have better colour and nutrient retention than freeze dried fruit, spray dried fruit and drum dried fruit. Nutrafresh dried fruit powders are made using the refractance window process which dries fruit puree's at very low temperature to 1.5% moisture resulting in a product shelf life of over two years so you can be sure that when you open a Nutrafresh sachets, it's as fresh as the fresh fruit. Nutrafresh dried fruit powders are concentrated fruit and vegetable goodness with up to twelve times concentration of the original fruit. 180gs of strawberries are used to make 15g of Nutrafresh Sparkling dried Strawberry powder. Nutrafresh Sparkling Beetroot powder is the easy way to make beetroot juice, great for heart health and to improve sports performance. Don't like the taste of beetroot juice, then we have the answer with our Strawberry and Beetroot juice. All the health benefits of beetroot with the sweet taste of Strawberry